Cybernetic World Ltd.
Cybernetic World Ltd.


Cybernetic World Ltd. is the young (established in 2004) high-tech company which is developing dynamicaly.
Even investitions can not solve all problems. What is really important is people potential. We have it! As well as strong scientific and research base.

CyberneticWorld Ltd. is opened for collaboration and ready to discuss real suggestions of investitions.
Our goal is to combine scientific researches and strong marketing. It is not sufficient to write an excellent software, it is important to push it to the local and world market. Only in this case high-tech company can arrange more investitions to develop its business.

General director Dr. Genrikh G. Gertsik
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Honorary Worker of Education of Moscow, a senior fellow at the specialty "Medical instrument"
Has more than 23 inventor's certificates, more than 80 publications, awarded 3 medals of VDNH USSR (Central Soviet Exhibition of Industry and Economic Achievements).
Areas of interests:
- Research and development of equipment for physiotherapy (magnetic, electrical, electroanalgesia, ultrasound therapy)
- Research and development of biomedical engineering to aerospace medicine, veterinary medicine and biotechnology.