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Last update: 21.05.2024
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We are glad to introduce you the innovative company Cybernetic World Ltd. The company which implements innovations, research and production of software and intelligent devices for medicine, clinical labors and biotechnology in following fields:

1. development and approval of proposals for regulatory and legal documents regulating the circulation of medical products;

2. preparation of information and analytical reviews in the field of medicine and medical equipment (languages: Russian, English, German);

3. consulting on quality management system certification (QMS) for compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and licensing activities for the directions:
- development and production of medical equipment and environmental technologie;

- maintenance and repair of medical equipment and environmental technologies;

- metrological support, verification and calibration of medical equipment and environmental technologies;

- training courses in the direction "Manufacturing, maintenance, service and quality control of medical devices";

4. provides analyzes of market available products for biomedical engineering and the best components from domestic and foreign firms to meet customer requirements;
5. carries out the selection and purchase of products of biomedical engineering and components to meet customer requirements;
6. conducts R & D for the development and modernization of biomedical equipment;
7. conducting technical and clinical support for the introduction of products of biomedical engineering;
8. conducts R & D in the development of prototypes of biomedical engineering;
9. conducts surveys on trends in the field of biomedical engineering and advanced medical technology in accordance with the requirements of the customer.
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